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Darling Henrietta gave me a few sleepless nights but is now doing brilliantly

Who doesn’t love a happy outcome? Little Henrietta came to us 11 days ago with a huge gaping wound on her head, bronchitis, intestinal parasites and lung worm.

Today she has been given a clean bill of health by the vet and her head wound is now well on the way to recovering.

With medication, specialist high quality prescription food to aid her immune system and a little Manuka honey she has beaten the odds which were heavily stacked against her during the first 48 hours.

She now seems destined to grow into a healthy adult in the coming months. She has put on weight and actively looks out for her next meal, which is wonderful as she initially refused to eat and had to be tube fed around the clock for the first three days.

She is a really cheeky little girl and we look forward to releasing her back in her finders garden next spring ?

Well done Henrietta! ??

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