Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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I’m still playing with the microscope – here are some pics of a hedgehog spike, showing the ‘business’ end, the root end and the shaft. The depth of field is not very good, but you can see the structure well enough, and can see how sharp the end of the spike is – sharper than a needle point.

I’m not sure what magnification the pics are at, as the camera ocular does not give any magnification data.

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Open fracture

Another entry today, a juvenile female hog with an open fracture to her rear right leg, with flystrike all around

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We took in a baby female hedgehog (now called Sweetpea) from Upton Vets this afternoon, that had been handed in after being found out in daytime.

She was dehydrated, so we have given her subcut fluids, and luckily she had done a poo in her box on the way home, so I checked it under the microscope.

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