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Busy Busy

We’re (well. Tracy is) still busy with hedgehogs – 9 more in over the last 6 days, one put to sleep due to severe respiratory problems, and 4 out to Lynne to foster for us.

We’ve been far busier than we ever expected to be, so we have not been so prepared as we might have/should have been.

Come the spring, we’ll be ripping out one of the sheds and converting it to a proper hog house – I have a consumer unit, lights and sockets already, so it’s a case of clearing it out, wiring it up and building in shelves to hold the cages to house the hogs in.

As long as it doesn’t get in the way of me beekeeping that is 😛

As it stands at the moment, we have 35 in the house, 8 in the garden and 4 at Lynnes! Upton Vets have been on the phone, and they have 2 more for us, one of which is under 100g and will need syringe feeding.

Happy days

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