Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

We’re still getting hogs in…

Tracy collected two wee hogs from two different Vets today, one at lunchtime, and one late afternoon.

The first one is a tiny girl weighing 183g we have named Ivy, the other one is a boy weighing 219g who we have named Louis.

We’ve had tiny ones in December before, but not less than 200g this late in the year. She is really lucky to have survived the weather, being as small as she is, and we believe that she is the result of a nest disturbance. Only the one had been found though, hopefully any other survivors will be found and passed on to us to overwinter.

We also had a lovely donation of food for the hogs, which was very timely and well received. It is donations such as these that allow us to keep so many hogs for over wintering.

Here is a photo of dinky little Ivy, now in her cage and eating for England.

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