Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Winter Feeding

We are still getting a steady drip of hedgehogs being brought in to us, two yesterday (plus one that sadly died before we got to it) and another on the way to us today.

Hedgehogs often wake up from time to time through the winter months, desperately looking for food and water to top up their fat resources, so please keep putting food out for your visiting hedgehogs throughout winter. Dry hedgehog or cat food is best at this time of year if you are going to leave a dish out.

A tip to keep the food dry and fresh is to use a feeding station and cover the food bowl with an upturned plastic saucer. Hedgehogs will flip the saucer off to get to the food but other critters wont. That way you will know if your hedgehog is out and about or snoozing.

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