Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Casper the Friendly Ghost

This little chap is Casper, so named as he was found on Halloween in the middle of a road by a young teenager, who carried him home in a plastic trick or treat cauldron.

He is sulking as he has been placed in a box while his cage is being cleaned.

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This little fella is Wilf. Wilf came to us after being trapped in a gap between two walls. In his

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We were called out to a hog in need of help by a dog walker on Wednesday, but despite a thorough search, were unable to find him.

The next lunchtime, some good news – the hog that we were looking for had been found and brought in to us.

He was wandering around erratically and going in circles. He didn’t seem to see Dawn, the finder, or even roll up when she him picked up.

He was dehydrated, and had what look like bite marks on the left side of his face and nose, and a bald patch with 2 puncture wounds under his neck.

He had had subcut fluids, and was placed into a quiet box with food.

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