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Five New Entries

We seem to have had a spike (pun intended!) in hogs coming in again – We had slowed to a dribble, but today we have had five new hogs brought in.

Two came in from the Vets after having been handed in by members of the public, the others by referral from the finders friends. They vary in weight; 223g, 272g, 425g, 499g and 674g. All are male, and all with respiratory problems (probably caused by lungworm infection), two of them have bubbly noses and coughs, which is not a good sign.

They will all undergo treatment for their lungworm infection and will be kept comfortable and fed. It is always difficult to predict an outcome for hogs with lungworm, but they will be given the best chance we can give them to overcome the lungworm burden and any secondary infection.

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