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Wild Animals

One of the problems with rehabbing wild animals is that too much contact with humans can make them tame, or make them lose their natural fear of humans.

At Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue, we keep contact with the hogs to a minimum, such as while cleaning their cages, feeding them or giving them medications or treatments.

Tracy was reminded that the hogs are still wild animals when one of them gave her a little nip on the forearm as she was spot cleaning his cage….

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Winston, the hog that came in yesterday with infected puncture wounds (believed to be from dog bites), and covered in flystrike was euthanised last night as the vet felt his wounds were too severe for him to recover from. Bailley, one of the other hogs that came in last night with infected bite marks all around her face is still very poorly in the ICU/recovery unit. The vet cleaned her wounds out last night and gave her antibiotics. It is believed she has been bitten by an Adder.

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Odin, the hog that came in yesterday with the infected wounds on his back, has done well over night. He

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