Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Louis came to us on 2nd December weighing 300g, he was very cold, wet and very lethargic. He had a nasty cough and heavy lungworm burden, and was very dehydrated.

He was so poorly that we did not think he would make it through the night. We gave him sub-cut fluids to rehydrate him, and treated him for the lungworm. We gave him fennel tea to try to improve his hydration and appetite, and fed him on Hills a/d recovery food.

He lost weight every day for a week, before he started to get better, and put on weight. It was 3 weeks before he got back to his entry weight.

He is still quite poorly, but getting brighter, and putting on weight – he now weighs 308g, so we hope he will make a full recovery.

He loves his heated mat, which he got for xmas, and fleece pocket, which he can normally be found hiding in.

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All donations through Paypal will assist with the running costs of our Centre. To donate, click on the logo above.

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