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Smelly Wound

Tracy picked up this little hoggie from the Vets a short while ago. It has a really nasty wound on its back that is badly infected and smells awfully. Weight is 355g.

It has had a general anesthetic to enable the wound to be debrided and cleaned, and several ticks were removed at the same time.

He is having a course of antibiotics, and the wound will be washed a couple of times a day with dilute hibiscrub.

He is making good use of one of the heated mats, and will be kept warm and as comfortable as we can make him. He has a good appetite, and is tucking in to a bowl of cat meat as I type.

Below are some photos of his wounds, which are now believed to have been caused by something similar to a garden rake, possibly by somebody raking leaves in their garden – please, please check for hogs (and other creatures) before you set about the leaves in your garden!

Warning! – The photos may be upsetting to some!

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