Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Odin’s Recovery

Update on little Odin, the hoglet with garden rake injuries to his back.

He has been seen again by the vet this morning and she is very pleased with his progress and the condition of his wound.

The infection is improving nicely and there is little pus now, but he will continue on antibiotics for another week.

Downside is the loss of so much skin and spines. We estimate he will lose around a quarter of the skin/spines covering the high point of his back. There is not enough skin to cover the wound by surgery, so he will be left with a large area of deep scar tissue.

This will of course leave him vulnerable to predators in the wild, so when he is fully recovered and ready for release, he will need to go into one of our safe enclosed areas away from risk of attack by other wildlife, dogs etc.

He is doing far better than we expected given the extent of his injuries and is eating with a hearty appetite and putting on weight after initial weight loss, so we now just have to wait and see how he does in terms of further skin loss. We and our vets will assess him regularly in the coming weeks and months, but we feel more confident for his long term prospects now.

Well done Odin, you little warrior!

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