Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Odin’s recovery update

Odin’s dorsal wound is healing really well now, with new skin growth covering much of the area where large clumps of skin had died and fallen off.

New quills are growing around most of the wound, and while there are still a few ‘wet’ patches, and some scarring, we are hoping he will regain a good coverage of ‘spikes’ to enable him to be released into the wild, rather than into an enclosed garden.

He has had a lot to deal with, his massively infected wound, with large area of skin loss, heavy lungworm burden and associated respiratory infection – we weren’t sure he would pull through, but despite all this, he has made it this far. When he came in, he absolutely stank of rotting meat.

He has a sweet personality, has put up with all the treatment like a star, and managed to fight off infections – well done Odin!

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