Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Update on Robbie

Little update on Robbie the latest victim of strimmer or hedgecutter.

He has a huge lung worm burden, coupled with a chest infection and is still pretty poorly. He is being treated for both.

After a slight deterioration late yesterday afternoon he was taken to the vet where he was given oxygen overnight to help his breathing.

He is now back with us in the incubator having antibiotic nebuliser treatment to help him breath and help him to cough up the dead lungworms. He has had a long term antibiotic injection and is as comfortable as we can make him.

He is still eating cat meat mixed with a supportive supplement of vitamins and minerals, although due to his shortness of breath he can’t eat dry foods just yet.

He is hanging in there and although very weak, he has an admirable fighting spirit.

The wounds from the gardening equipment are clean and healing well.

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