Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue


Robbie, the hog with bad pneumonia, is still hanging in there. He has not been eating much the last couple of days, and has lost weight as a result.

His recovery is very up and down – Tracy sat up most of last night with him as he was so poorly, but this morning he has eaten a bowl full of food and appears bright as a button.

He is still coughing and sneezing, and has nasal discharge, but he is not struggling to breath like he was.

I took this video just now, after I had given him 20ml of fluids. He is a sweet little fellah, and is really tolerant of all the handling he is getting while he is having treatment.

He looks better around his eyes, which are nice and bright, and does not have that ‘fed up of being poorly’ look about him now.

I think he still has a long way to go yet, but we are really hopeful for his recovery now.


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