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Today is a sad day – Peggy, the hog that had to have her leg amputated 6 weeks ago, still has no use of her remaining back leg, and it does not react to any stimulation such as pinching.

She also has a small patch of spines at the base of her tail that do not react, leading us and the vet to believe she has permanent nerve damage, and permanent loss of use of the leg, in other words, the leg is paralysed.

This leaves us no option other than to have her put to sleep, as she can never be released, and cannot get around. She soils herself as she cannot raise herself on her leg to wee or poo, and as a result, is very sore down her back end.

She simply has no quality of life, and would be in permanent discomfort if kept alive.

She is going to the vets later today on her final journey.

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