Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Young Beatrice is an autumn juvenile who came in with a leg wound due to a slightly deformed lower leg. This means she is in effect walking on her elbow and foot, rather than the foot alone which has created a bleeding callous on the thin skin at the elbow joint. She is having physio to help strengthen her leg in the hope we can retrain her to walk on the foot.

She also has a severe skin condition causing her to lose many of her spines and a mild fungal infection on her nose and ears.

Unfortunately, there is little surgical option to repair her leg, although removal may be considered if the wound does not heal, or if it continues to tear the skin open. For this we will be trialling her in an out door pen to see how she copes with rough ground once the current wound is treated and healed.

She is being bathed daily in anti-fungal and antimicrobial wash and treated for her skin condition, so with luck her spines will soon grow back and any surgical options considered when we know how well her leg is healing.

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