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Soft Release

This week the process of getting a few more hedgehogs outside into pre-release cages with pens continues. With this in mind, we would like to say a huge “Thank you” to Aimee Dunkley and her mum for giving us another outside cage/pen, which will accommodate 4 hedgehogs and give them the chance to re-acclimatize to the outside world again before being released.

I will leave you with a photo of Henrietta who is now reacting like this when the camera comes out and fully rolls up when handled. Previously, this little Diva would actually pose for the camera! In her early months with us as a tiny baby and due to her need for a lot of handling for medical attention (with an extensive traumatic head wound), she seldom rolled up, begged at the front of her cage for food and attention each night and generally lost her fear of me being close by.

Both I and our vet feared she may have developed mild brain damage from the injury and resultant infection in her head and we were concerned for her development and future in the wild.

As you can see, after months of rehabilitation she is now behaving as she should when handled, shows no long term effect of her brain injury and is displaying all the correct behaviors, despite several months of intensive treatment and over-wintering.

She will go outside into a pen in the next couple of days and we hope will be one of the first to be released. It’s been a long hard road for her during her first few months of life, but she is now ready to go home and I am sure she can’t wait to finally be free!

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