Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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We collected this little lady yesterday, who was found wandering about on the road earlier in the day.

She is very weak, dehydrated, extremely emaciated, and has diarrhea. She weighs in at 390g.

She has been given 40ml of warm fluids, and will have another 40ml in an hours time.

This lady is probably only 6 weeks or so old, and is displaying all the expected problems of being born too early in the year, when there is a lack of forage available. Quite often the mothers will abandon the youngsters, to ensure their own survival, and may even go back into hibernation if the weather is cold.

That is both our ICU/recovery units in use now, plus all our heated pads. We might have to do a bit of swapping around if any more casualties come in.

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