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This little chap is Robbie. He came to us at the end of February with a strimmer wound to the back of his head (you can see where his spikes have been cut by the strimmer in the photos) and the worst case of pneumonia we’ve ever seen.

He has had a couple of stays with our vets, has spent a long time in an incubator and had many many nebuliser treatments.

He was really poorly, and we thought we would lose him several times, however he is so much better now. He has permanent lung damage, and still has a bubbly nasal discharge, but we are hoping that will clear up more.

He has lost his left eye, due to pressure behind the eye, but our vet thinks he is still not well enough to withstand an anaesthetic to have the eye operated on yet.

He is eating well, and after a long period of weight decline, is gaining weight at long last.

We hope this lovely little guy will continue to improve, as he has put up a really good fight to come this far. He has had so many injection that he must have thought his spikes were on backwards, but he has put up with all the treatments with stoicism, and has been a model patient.

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