Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Missing Leg

Another new entry, male hedgehog, 938g, found out during the day yesterday, seemed to be struggling to walk.

Brought in to us at lunchtime today, query broken rear leg.

On examination, there is no rear right leg this appears to be an old wound – there is a large flap of skin where the leg should be.

We are unsure if the leg was surgically removed or traumatic removal by strimmer or whatever, but usually a surgical removal leaves a smooth wound site. The hog is currently with our vet to see if anything needs doing to this injury i.e part of the limb left behind may need removing.

He has lungworm, and a respiratory infection, with a nasal discharge evident, so we will treat him for that when he is back from the vets. He will be staying with us for at least a week for the lungworm treatment.

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