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Max came in to us on April 23rd having been found out during the day and seemingly disorientated.

We noticed that both his eyes were dark red instead of black, and that the eyes and the area surrounding them was swollen.

A visit to the vet confirmed he’d had a blow to the head, which had caused damage to the eyes. He was suffering concussion and bruising to the head and face.

His eyes are starting to clear up now, but we do not know if they eye damage is permanent or not yet. He is still a bit frantic in his manner, which is probably due to blindness.

Hopefully, as his eyes clear his sight will return.

Here are a couple of photos of his eyes, showing how they are clearing up from the solid dark red colour that they were when he came in to us.

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This poor old fella came to us Friday afternoon, he was found wandering around in circles.

Upon examination, we found that both his eyes are missing, with small wounds around the area, which suggests that birds have pecked his eyes out .

He does have a respiratory infection, which could explain why he would have been out in daytime and was able to be attacked.

Hogs like this cause us ethical and moral issues – do we keep him alive to live in permanent captivity, all be it in an enclosed garden, or do we have him put to sleep.

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