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Robbie update

Robbie is still on the mend, this little guy is amazing, and has shown some real strength fighting off lungworm, respiratory infections, pneumonia and a strimmer injury.

As can be seen from this video, he eats really well now, which is great to see after so long.

We thought we were going to lose this little guy so many times, it’s lovely to see him like this.

He still has congested lungs and nasal discharge, and we are unsure of what the long term situation will be with this, but he’s on the mend!

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Bilbo Baggins

Bilbo Baggins had to pay a visit to the Vets today. She had one of her rear legs amputated by the emergency vets recently, due to having had it trapped somehow and in getting herself free had ripped part of the leg off.

The resulting wound was infected, despite a course of antibiotics, which has caused problems with the healing of the amputation wound.

Upton vets took her in today to clean up the wound and re-stitch it for us. The wound was flushed, debrided and lasered, then stitched up. Hopefully it will heal properly now, and Bilbo can get on with rehabilitation.

Thank you to Upton & Wareham Vets for taking care of Bilbo for us

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20 New cages

With help from Tracy & Karen clearing out the shed, and doing about 20 tip runs, Jaymz and me have

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Tiny Pikachu trying his first solids, a mix of Esbilac and Hills a/d. His teeth are now starting to appear.

He seemed more interested in the lid (off a small jar) at first, then seemed to realise the meat was there and was tasty 😀 He polished off the whole lot in the end.

This should mean we can go longer between feeds now, which Tracy will be happy about.

It’s nice holding them to feed them, but better when they can feed themselves.

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