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Sad ending

We are having a run on hogs coming in with badly damaged legs at the moment.

This young hog on arrived on Sunday, having been found in the middle of a field by a lady out walking her dog. She noticed it was unable to roll up properly, and that one of it’s legs were sticking out.

She picked him up, took him home and put him in a basket with water and gave us a call. She very kindly dropped him off to us, and also left a donation.

Upon examination, his rear right leg was found to have an open fracture, with the long bone sticking out. poor creature must have been in agony. I gave him some subcut fluids for shock and dehydration, and some pain relief.

He was taken to the vet, where after being gassed down, a full inspection revealed the femur was infected, along with the femoral artery, and the infection had travelled up into the groin and abdomen. The vet decided that this was not survivable, so the poor hog was euthanised.

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The wound above Lizzie’s eye has almost healed now, but the eye is still very cloudy. We are still not sure if she will regain the sight in this eye or not.

She has to regrow her hair and spikes above and around the eye, which may take some time, so she will be staying with us for a while yet.

Hedgehogs with sight in only one eye do surprisingly well in the wild, this is due to the fact that they actually have fairly poor eyesight, and find most of their food by smell.

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