Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Another new entry on Saturday, which was found in a totally enclosed garden that is fully paved, so no chance of finding food or water. It appears he had squeezed through a tiny gap, and fallen 3 feet down into the garden.

He has worn all his claws down to the quick in his efforts to get back out of the garden, and scraped and blistered all his feet.

He was severely dehydrated, and absolutely starving. We gave him subcutaneous fluids, a wide spectrum antibiotic and some pain relief. He was also given a dish of water and a bowl of food, then another, then another…. he ate for the English Olympic eating team.

He is now settled into a nice warm cage, and has fallen to sleep with a very full belly! We’ll keep him for a bit so that we can ensure his wounds do not get infected, and once they have healed, he’ll be let on his way.

We named him Samwise, as he has Hobbits feet.

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