Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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This juvenile female hog (now called Chrissy) was collected by a volunteer from Wildlife in Need on our behalf last night. She had been found at the side of a road during daytime, and seen to be struggling to walk and climb up the kerb.

She is very dehydrated, emaciated, has a respiratory infection (probably caused by lungworm) and has a wound to the right side of her head and eye, query blind in right eye. She is bruised down her right side too. We suspect she has been clipped by a car.
She has been given subcut fluids and pain relief. Once I have been able to check a sample under the microscope, she will be treated for any parasites that show up in the sample.

For now, she has food and water, and a warm bed. She will be monitored for any deterioration, and will see the vet tomorrow.

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  1. I live in Sturminster Newton, which is outside of your fostering radius but I do have an enclosed garden, cat and dog free, if you needed garden to release a rehabilitated hog or hogs.
    Please let me know your thoughts as I would like to help our native wildlife survive.
    Kind regards
    Kelly Nicholls

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