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Tracy had a call earlier this evening by a lady who’s little son had been out playing with his friends on the village green and found this tiny bundle of love curled up in the road against the kerbstones. Despite being very young, he knew right away the baby should not have been out on his own, so he picked him up and ran home to his mum.

After searching the area to see if there were any more babies, or the mother hog and finding none, she did a search on Google and found our number.

Clearly much too young to be away from the nest and his mother, this tiny baby weighs just 61g and is around two weeks old. His eyes are open, but his prickles are still soft as would be expected at this age.

He was frantically hungry and polished off 3ml of Esbilac as quick as a flash! He will be fed small amounts every 1 – 2 hours for the next 24 hours to help him settle into a routine and then every 2 hours.

He will spend some time in the second incubator (we have a slightly bigger hoglet in the other one), until he has grown big enough to regulate his own body temperature. Babies under 250g are unable to retain body heat on their own and without his litter mates to snuggle up to, he would otherwise struggle to keep warm.

By the time he is four weeks old he should be on 4 hourly goat’s milk formula feeds, while being weaned onto puppy mouse (soft meat pate).

Please say hello to tiny Pikachu.

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