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Update on Mabel

Update on Mabel the hog with constriction injuries ….

On Friday she came back to us after spending 24 hours with our vet. During that time she was anesthetised to enable her gaping throat wound to be cleaned and debrided. She also has laser treatment to speed up the healing process.

Both the legs on her right hand side are swollen due to the constriction of the netting and she is not bearing weight on the front one as yet.

We are still unsure if she is totally blind yet, but certainly due to the amount of fly strike that was in both her eye sockets, it had caused her eyes to sink back into the sockets and as yet they have not returned to a normal position. This is being checked regularly, as are her wounds.

Overall, she is doing fairly well, but is still very, very poorly. She is eating, but not as much as we would like to her to. We are offering her various foods to try and tempt her appetite, including soft pate type puppy meat, convalescence pate meat from the vet, semi moist hedgehog pellets, hedgehog biscuits and Royal Canin ultra tiny kitten biscuits (thank you to Sue Taylor for these from our wish list!). Although she is no longer dehydrated, she is drinking a lot of water which will help with her sore throat.

She will continue on antibiotics and pain relief for a few more days and we hope she will soon gain the strength to start eating more.

Keep going Mabel. You can do this!

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