Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Missing foot!

We have another victim of entrapment/constriction injury.

This hog was seen on cctv playback, and noticed there was something wrong with its back left leg.

We were sent the video by Neil, who told us that he would try and catch the hog that night, which luckily he was able to do, and we collected it straight away.

The hog spent the day at the vets, who said that the foot was missing and the bones fractured and smashed. There was still some white nylon around the leg, and it is believed that the hog was tangled up in netting or similar, and broke its leg off in the struggle to get free,

Infection had set in, and there was no option other than to remove the leg.

Hoggy will stay at the vets overnight, and all being well will return to us tomorrow for rehabilitation.

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