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Sick hedgehogs

In the last two weeks we have had several phone calls to report very sick/injured hedgehogs – which the finders did not pick up and make safe. This meant the injured hedgehogs somehow manage to crawl away and were not found. They would then have to spend often days on end just slowly suffering and dying! If they had been picked up, we could very likely have saved their life, or at least put a humane end to their suffering.

If you find a sick or injured hedgehog it is ESSENTIAL you pick it up and make it safe before calling us. Time spent out searching often wide areas for an injured hedgehog is time wasted that could have been better put to helping that hog and takes our time away from the others in our care.

Basic tips on what to do if you find a hedgehog you suspect is ill or injured are on this link – the most important one is to pick it up and put into a high sided box or clean bucket to stop it running away.

If you are away from home, pick it up using newspaper or an item of clothing such as a sweater/jacket/beanie hat and so on.

Do not worry about them being covered in fleas! This is very rarely the case and should not be the reason for leaving an injured animal on the ground as has been the case in three of the cases where people have not picked them up. Hog fleas are species specific and WILL NOT BITE YOU OR YOUR PETS.

We are available 24/7, including Bank Holidays, so PLEASE if you find a sick hog, PICK IT UP and phone us asap on 07587 925476, or your local hedgehog rescue if you are further afield.

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