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Another litter

A builder clearing out a garage before starting works found a nesting mother with two hoglets in. He did the right thing by scooping up mother and babies along with the nest, and placed them in a box before calling us.

The hoglets are no older than 48 hours, they are still pink and have white spikes.

They are all currently in a dark box with food and water for mum. We are hoping the stress of being disturbed and moved does not make her reject the hoglets, or worse.

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We have had another hog brought in this evening, as it was noticed hobbling about during the day, and the finders also recognised that it was dehydrated.

We gave it a check over, and noticed that it’s back right leg had been cut almost through, and that broken bones were visible.

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Bournemouth Echo

Following our little piece in yesterdays Echo, we had 4 hedgehogs in overnight and this morning.One from Bournemouth College campus, which was brought in by a member of the college staff, one from Corfe-Mullen which had been found laying on the road, one from Wareham which sadly died before it got here, and one this morning from Upton that was found when a garden shed was being taken down.

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