Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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I’ve just picked up another lonesome hoglet this evening, which makes 3 orphans for the day so far, one adult male RTC victim, died soon after arriving, one mother and four hoglets aged around 10 days after their nest was disturbed and an adult male with leg injury and respiratory problem..

The new incubators have been in use since we got them, with just one small one spare this evening – here are some of the mucky pups doing there best to trash the place, wearing more food than they eat, and painting the walls of the incubators with it!

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Duncan is back from the vets now, having had his left hind leg amputated.

He will have a course of antibiotics to fight off any infection, and pain relief.

The notes from the vet state that he has been eating well, and has been to loo, which is important after an operation.

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