Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Days are not long enough

We’re still getting several hogs and hoglets in every day. Today’s list so far;

Two singleton orphan hoglets this morning, both pretty poorly.

An adult male hog, in a state of collapse, very dehydrated.

An elderly adult female with old healed strimmer wounds, found out in the middle of the street this morning, not moving and very dehydrated. She has part of her front right leg missing which has healed over, her jaw has been broken and has healed off-set to the right. She also has short spikes on her head where they have been cut by a strimmer.

She struggles to to eat and we are considering if it would be kinder to have her PTS.

She is in an incubator and is eating at the moment. She has had subcut fluids to help with her dehydration.

We need more hours in the day…

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