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Flystrike and bite wounds

Another poorly orphan hoglet came to us this morning, 10 – 14 day old male hoglet weighing 68g, dug out of nest by a dog. Three other hoglets from same nest killed, mum abandoned the nest. His eyes are only just open, but his ears are still closed.

He is very cold, very poorly, extremely weak and hungry.

I have just spent 1.5 hours cleaning up this poor little chap with bad flystrike, including maggots that were eating him alive. He has bite marks on him, as can be seen in t>he photos, and some damage caused by the maggots, particularly to his ears. He even had maggots in his mouth that were eating into his gums.

He has had warm subcut fluids to help with the dehydration and is now in an incubator warming up. It remains to be seen if he has enough strength to pull through.

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