Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Marian and her hoglets

Marian came to us after being found out in daylight. She is blind in one eye, had ringworm and was very, very thin.

She surprised us all after giving birth to these hoglets just days later. Her babies are now coming up to 5 weeks old and will be out in a pen with mum in the next day or two, so she can teach them how to forage and other essential life skills, before they all go their separate ways.

She has been a brilliant mother to her 3 boys, but she now needs time to gain weight, gather her strength and regrow her lost prickles before she goes back to the wild.

It has taken a lot out of her thin and weakened body to nurture her babies, so a good rest period will hopefully do her the world of good.

edited to add – they are in a trug while their cage is being cleaned. We don’t house them in such tiny enclosures!

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