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Leg injuries

We had a couple more entries overnight, both with hind leg injuries.

This poor fella, a juvenile male, has a massive infection to his left hind leg. he has a couple of toes missing and all the skin has been ripped off the front of his leg, from his toes to his hip.

He also has a puncture wound to his abdomen, which luckily has not pierced the wall of the stomach, but has left a large ‘pocket’ type wound.

He had a massive flystrike infestation, with the largest maggots we have ever seen in a hedgehog. It took me 2.5 hours to clean the poor hog up, which he tolerated very well – I’m sure they know you’re trying to help them.

I gave him subcut fluids, pain relief and antibiotic injections which seemed to perk him up.

Due to the swelling of the leg, we suspected a break, so he was taken to EVC where he was checked by the vet, but no break was found.

Once back home, he devoured a plate of food and was walking around his cage as if nothing had happened.

You can see the difference in the size of his hind legs in these photos, he must be in some considerable pain.

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