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Do NOT leave them alone!

We had a call earlier this morning from a lady that had found a tiny hoglet, still with it’s eyes closed. She phoned the RSPCA who told her to leave it for two hours, and to observe from a distance.

After the two hours, and no sign of mum, she called the RSPCA back, and was told to leave it where it was! Not happy with this, and not having a computer, she spoke to her neighbour, who googled what to do, and also called us.

When the hoglet got to us us it was freezing, and appears to be no more than three days old – it only weighs 23g. He was put into an incubator to try and warm it up so we could feed it.

Not long after, we got another call – the lady had found another hoglet. We went over and found the nest, no sign of mum and no more hoglets. The little hoglet was piping it’s head off. It was put on a heat pad and rushed home, and was placed in the incubator with her brother.

They are both warm to the touch now, but will not take a feed at present, but we will keep trying. The second hoglet, a female, weighs 25g. You can see how small they are in the photos below.

These little hoglets may very well die, and all because of the RSPCA’s ‘leave it alone and see what happens’ advice/policy.

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