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Well, we’ve “only” got 89 hogs/hoglets in now. We released Bonnie, Sophie and Marcus last night, as well as the two that went to Lilly’s garden for release.

Two more came in, one juvenile that is very lethargic and dehydrated – has been given subcutaneous fluids and is in an incubator for now. It has food and water, but has not touched it yet. Once it produces a poo, that will be checked under the microscope for parasites.

The other is an adult female, not pregnant or lactating, that was attacked by a dog. It was taken by the finder to Lynwood Vets after midnight last night, where she has been checked over and had her wounds stitched. She is now in a cage with food and water and is on a heat mat to help deal with the shock.

We have another few adults that are almost finished their treatment regimes, so they will be returned to where they came from (where possible) once they have finished.

The first batch of hoglets that were born here are now six weeks old, so they will be ready to go in another fortnight or so, then we should (hopefully) see the numbers in care steadily drop as more of the hoglets are large enough for release.

Syringe feeding continues unabated, and the usual daily chores of cage cleaning and feeding, giving meds, cleaning and checking wounds etc cracks on as normal.

I am also still grabbing a bit of time here and there to sort the cages out in the shed – cutting vinyl flooring to fit in the cages to make them easier to clean.

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