Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Another busy day

We’re having a very busy day so far… Entries include;

1 x male hoglet 130g found in Kinson, out in daylight going round in circles. Thin, dehydrated and cold. Was given subcutaneous fluids and placed into an ICU.

1 x male juvenile hoglet found collapsed in Blandford. Cold, severely dehydrated, covered in ticks and fly strike. Flystrike removed, including maggots that had started to eat his flesh. Subcutaneous fluids and into an ICU.

1 x female hoglet 94g found collapsed – died on the journey here.

1 x female juvenile hedgehog found severely injured on the road outside St. Leonard’s Hotel. Died on the journey here.

1 x male hoglet 86g found out alone with no sign of mum or siblings. Found by a dog walker who kept him warm before delivering him to us. He was dehydrated and very hungry! Currently in ICU to regulate his temperature before being given a feed of formula. [since I started writing this, he has had 5ml of formula]

1 x male hoglet 186g found trapped in monofilament strawberry netting. Must have been there for several days as the skin has started to grow over the nylon netting. Garroted wounds to throat, neck, back of the head, face and both armpits with infection present. Both front legs were immobilised by the netting. Netting all cut away, wounds flushed and cleaned, germicidal barrier ointment applied to wounds. Now in an ICU.

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