Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

24th July

Today’s list so far;

1 x female hoglet 132g suspected broken leg. Vet to assess – edited – leg amputated this afternoon (Wednesday).

A pair of sibling hoglets found on a driveway in Blandford after last night’s storm, and kindly brought in to us this morning. 1 x male, eyes not open 62g, and 1 x female hoglet eyes open 66g. Both have taken a feed of formula and are in an ICU.

1 x female hoglet 168g out in daylight alone for several hours, given subcutaneous fluids for dehydration and offered food and water.

1 x Male hoglet 109g, found alone in the road at Moreton, no sign of mum or siblings, kindly brought in to us. Is currently filling his face with cat food.

Big change around today, growing hoglets moved out of ICU’s into normal cages, and swapping from medium into large cages for others. Some moved into soft release pens in the garden, awaiting full release once acclimatised to being outside, and when the hot weather eases off as it makes it hard for them to find food and water otherwise.

Still busy with so many ickle hoglets to feed, and sick and injured one’s to tend to.

One juvenile male hog has had to have his right hind leg amputated today, and is staying at the Vets overnight, and we have another one going in to have it’s left hind leg amputated tomorrow morning.

Will we have another spectacular lightning show tonight to entertain us while we feed and clean – that will be fun.

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