Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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This poor little hoglet came in yesterday having been found out alone. As you can see, it has suffered an attack, and has bite wounds and severe bruising.

Both front ‘hands’ were de-gloved due to bites, with puncture wounds all over his back and sides.

Whatever had a go at him seems to have tried pretty hard, a lot of his spines have been ripped out, and his flanks were badly bruised due to being bitten.

He underwent an operation to repair his ‘hands’ and had some of the wounds stitched. he seemed to recover from the operation well, but sadly died a couple of hours later, despite the high level of care he was given.

We can’t win them all, sadly.

I’ve just been reminded that it was believed to have been the finders neighbours cat that did the damage, as it was hanging around where the hoglet was found.

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