Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Still very busy…

We are still experiencing many calls for help at the moment, and we are almost back up to our winter numbers for hogs in our care.

Today’s entries include;

1 x male hoglet 130g badly cat attacked. Open tooth puncture to his side and abdomen, both front paws have lacerations across the top and upper chest has scratches and fur loss. Large amount of spines (which are still soft) torn out. Dehydrated. shocked and bleeding. Skin to be debrided and stiched by our wonderful vet.

1 x adult male hedgehog with severe bite wounds to face, head and abdomen. Died shortly after surgery to repair head and abdomen wounds.

1 x hoglet 103g found out alone.

1 x young hedgehog dog attack. Coming in via Natterjack vets.

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