Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Still busy

It’s still busy – today’s entries;

1 x adult female hedgehog with lightly burnt spikes after escaping from a lit bonfire near West Moors. Fluids given for shock and will be monitored.

1 x male hoglet 218g fox attacked – three broken legs and badly bitten on the abdomen leaving him with non survivable injuries – PTS. The lady actually saw the fox dragging the hog around by one of it’s legs and managed to get it off him.

1 x female hoglet 134g out of nest alone, fluids given for dehydration.

1 x male hoglet 216g out in daylight alone. Dehydrated and thin with 25% spine loss over lower back and haunches. Given subcutaneous fluids. Will treat for mites and possibly ringworm.

1 x male hoglet 222g, attacked by a dog, severe bruising to legs and body. Given subcutaneous fluids for shock and will be monitored.

1 x male hoglet 111g, out alone during the day, appeared lost/confused. Given subcutaneous fluids for dehydration, and placed in with other hoglets of a similar size.

1 x male hoglet 260g, out alone during the day – was seen on back lawn earlier today, and was still there this evening, so was boxed up and brought in to us (no sign of other hogs in the garden). Given subcutaneous fluids for dehydration.

1 x female hog 297g, half of front right leg missing, partially healed injury – bones sticking out. PTS – hogs cannot cope without both front legs.

One hog near Cooper Dean Roundabout, passed on to Shirley at New Milton Hedgehog Rescue as the finder had no means of getting the hog to us, and we’re just too busy to go and collect.

We’ve also been taking a lot more calls for advice, bravo for checking, and for putting out food and water for the hogs.

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