Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

Still as busy as could be…

Still as busy as could be… Today’s entries (the first one at 03.35 this morning) so far;

1 x adult male hedgehog with head wounds, possibly bite marks. Given s/c fluids, placed in cage with heat mat.

1 x pregnant female hedgehog found collapsed in middle of a road. Given s/c fluids, offered food and water and placed in a nesting box as she appears to be at full term.

1 x adult female hedgehog hit by a moving vehicle. Unsurvivable injuries so was pts.

1 x adult male hedgehog found tangled in discarded fishing net and covered in diesel, with severe skin loss on belly, legs and feet. Head wounds, heavily infected and severely dehydrated. Due to ulcerated wounds, skin loss and extent of infection he was pts.

1 x very elderly female hog, necrotic tissue on abdomen, part of one foot missing, necrotic wound. Very lethargic and has a really bad smell about her. Possibly cancer. Left at vet for checking, will almost certainly be pts.

1 x male hoglet 131g, found on the side of the road, very cold, lethargic and dehydrated. Given s/c fluids and placed in an ICU. Currently too cold to take food.

1 x male hoglet 231g, attacked by dog in garden, bite wounds to both flanks above skirt. Given s/c fluids for shock, wounds washed and flushed, currently in an ICU.

1 x female hog, RTC victim, Bleeding from the head and lower back. Taken to vets and found to have a broken back so was PTS.

1 x female hog, on the way in from Walton Lodge vets after being handed in by a member of public. Has wounds/abrasions to left side of face, cut to upper lip. Has been given s/c fluids by vet.

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