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Open fracture

Another entry today, a juvenile female hog with an open fracture to her rear right leg, with flystrike all around it. She was also very dehydrated.

She has has the flystrike cleaned off, and the area around the break cleaned to reduce infection, and antibacterial barrier cream applied around the wound. She has had s/c fluids for the shock and dehydration, pain relief and antibiotic injections.

The leg has been immobilised to prevent further injury, and the leg will be amputated on Monday.

She will be kept in a heated cage and continue having pain relief and antibiotics over the weekend.

We would have liked the leg to have been amputated today, but the out of hours vets will not carry out major operations on wildlife, so we need to take her to our vets on Monday.

Rest assured that she will be kept as comfortable as possible, with the necessary meds being given until she goes to our vet.

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