Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Last night and today, so far;

1 x female hoglet 131g found out alone in the middle of a main road through Wareham. Given s/c fluids and placed in an incubator.

1 male hoglet 72g found cold and unresponsive in a Blandford garden. Died on journey to us.

1 x juvenile male hedgehog found in a garden pond. Heavy cough due to secondary drowning. Currently warming up in one of our ICU’s before treatment begins.

1 x adult male hedgehog found tangled in Camouflage netting. Garroted throat wounds and under “armpits”, plus has previous strimmer injuries which are beginning to heal. Covered in ticks, dehydrated and a little thin. Given s/c fluids and placed into a cage with food and water.

We have had so many hogs in that we have had to transfer some out to other experienced hedgehog carers through the Dorset Mammal Group, and would like to say thanks to Karen Foster for taking 12 hogs yesterday, and the same number a couple of weeks ago.

A further 10 went to Reece Mark, and 10 to Rachelle Green at Henstridge Hedgehog Rescue.

We are, of course, still releasing hogs back to the wild on an almost daily basis as they become fit and well enough.

With hogs still coming in, the numbers are always up and down, but we have gone from over 100 to 62 today (at the moment!).

We managed to grab another couple of pictures of Pansy’s two hoglets, who look to be doing very well.

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We took in a baby female hedgehog (now called Sweetpea) from Upton Vets this afternoon, that had been handed in after being found out in daytime.

She was dehydrated, so we have given her subcut fluids, and luckily she had done a poo in her box on the way home, so I checked it under the microscope.

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We’ve had quite a busy weekend, with several injured hogs coming in, including this poor male. He was covered in flystrike and has a horribly infected wound.

The wound has been flushed out by the vet, and he is on strong antibiotics to (hopefully) clear up the infection.

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