Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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New entries

Today’s entries so far;

1 x adult female hedgehog and her hoglet 122g dug out by a dog.

1 x female hoglet 134g out alone in daylight. Dehydrated and cold. Given s/c fluids and placed in an incubator.

2 as yet unknown hogs, due to be collected from Upton Vets shortly, have been checked by the vets and coming to us for ongoing care.

1 x young adult male hedgehog with severe dehydration, loss of weight and infested with Harvest mites. Suspected parasite burden, which will be tested and treated. Given s/c fluids and placed into incubator.

1 x adult hedgehog caught in trampoline net, possibly for up to 5 days. Very dehydrated and lopsided. Given s/c fluids and to be monitored.

1 x male hoglet 134g out in daylight on a busy main road at Upton.

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