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Moving day

Been a busy day today, only 3 entries so far today, but lots going on.

Big changes for the hogs as we have started moving them from one of the bedrooms into one of the sheds, at long last, so plenty of upheaval in the house.

There were 10 cages ready for occupants this morning, and a further 10 will be available tomorrow as I want to make sure the cage treatment has had plenty of time to harden, and any fumes to dissipate.

I can make a start on the ‘Intensive Care Unit’ shed shortly, and get even more hogs out of the house – we currently have 71 hogs/hoglets here.

Today’s entries then;

1 x juvenile male hedgehog which had fallen into a hole left by builders. Bruised and some broken spines, plus claws worn down from trying to free himself. Dehydrated but otherwise unhurt. Given s/c fluids and placed in a cage on a heat mat, food and water offered.

1 x adult female hedgehog with severe chest infection and laboured breathing – suspect lungworm and parasites, tests will be carried out once she passes a stool. Has been given antibiotics and lungworm treatment, had a spell in the nebuliser and is now in our new large ICU.

1 x juvenile male hedgehog, found in an empty swimming pool by builders. Very dehydrated. The builders rescued the hog from the pool and kept him warm. They then brought the hog to us – thank you Ryan McFarlane of C & C Contractors of Poole for doing the right thing. Hog has been given s/c fluids, and has been placed in a cage with food and water. Worried about this one due to the level of dehydration.

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