Hamworthy Hedgehog Rescue

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Funny day

It’s been a funny 24 hours, We’ve had a hoglet die that we thought was going to be ok, one hoglet put down due to one back leg having been torn off, and the other having multiple breaks.

We’ve had a hoglet that was taken to the vets to be PTS make a remarkable recovery, another juvenile hog that came in because he was dragging his back end, but actually his front legs are massively swollen and nothing wrong with his back end at all.

This poor fella had massive pus pockets in his paws, which was leaching out of some of his toes where the claws have been ripped out. I squeezed a ton of pus from both his front feet, and this little guy just lay there and let me do it. He has had antibiotic and pain relief injections, and I hope the poor little blighter feels better with all that pus gone. He needs a close eye keeping on him to ensure the infection is kept under control.
We’ve had a couple of hoglets come in (from different locations) that were found out alone during the day, wet and very cold. One of the finders did not have anything to hand to keep the hoglet she found warm, so they filled a hip flask with hot water for it to snuggle up to while they drove from Blandford to us.

We are seeing a lot of ticks on the hogs coming in at the moment, and also several with harvest mite infestations.

Having had a reasonably quiet weekend, things have picked up again, and we only have one ICU empty now.

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