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Disturbed Nest

We’ve had a really busy day today, with several entries. Mostly run of the mill stuff, but we also had a sad little case.

A chap found a nest while clearing his garden, the nest had obviously been abandoned by mum and one little hoglet was dead, the other not far from being the same.

A little male hoglet, 90g with his eyes only just opened, so around two weeks old. He was very cold and dehydrated, and has what we think are rat bites to his back legs and an infected wound in his skirt by the back leg.

His wounds have been cleaned and flushed, and he has been given an antibiotic injection plus warm s/c fluids for the dehydration. He was put in an incubator to warm up, and has just had about 1ml of formula by syringe.

He is still quite lethargic – when I opened the incubator to take him out for a feed I thought he was dead, but luckily he wasn’t.

Touch and go with this little guy for the next few days.

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