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RIP Robbie

It is with great sadness that we have today lost our little warrior Robbie.

He came to us six months ago after being injured by a strimmer and contracting pneumonia, which left him with chronic lung damage. He also suffered an injury to his left eye, leaving him blind on that side. He battled long and hard for his life and more than once we thought he would not make it, but he surprised us all by pulling through time and again.

He was not able to return to the wild due to the lung damage and spent what time he had left with us. He was a much loved and pampered little guy with the gentlest of natures we have ever come across in a wild hedgehog.

Sadly he took a turn for the worst last night and despite treatment he deteriorated further to the point we had to make the hardest decision for him and have him put to sleep early this morning.

Every hedgehog is precious, but Robbie was one of a kind

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